Common Questions

Here you will find questions and answers that can help you

How can I know I will get a reliable professional?

Care’ey takes full responsibility for all the professionals and the quality of their work, our responsibility is your assurance that every professional who is licensed to provide service at Care’ey is reliable and professional.

How can you guarantee through Care'ey that I will receive service in the fastest way?

Only the professionals available around you get the call, the fastest can come out now and without delay will get the call and handle it with uncompromising professionalism.

Are all professionals qualified to practice in their field?

All Care’ey professionals are certified by the state to practice in their field, Care’ey obligates all professionals with a third party insurance policy, in effect, which is a full warranty for damages.

Do the prices shown in the price list include VAT?

Yes, the prices at Care’ey include the cost of labor, materials, and VAT.

Is it possible to pay in cash to the professional?

In care’ey app you can pay varients payment methods, at this moment cash is not one of the options.
(We are on it)

What happens if the fault recurs?

For the rules of faults caused such as wear and/or defective repair, there is a full warranty between six months and one year in the fault (depending on the type of fault).

Great news!
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